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draft walk run 2017

 CTMA Virtual Run, Walk, Hop 2017





Our 4th annual Virtual Race. Run, walk, hop, roll, bike. The method and distance is your choice – 5K, 10K It takes place on April 14th-16th 2017. A virtual run-walk -roll is a distance (10k or 5k in this case) covered by running, walking or rolling in any sort of vehicle (besides a car). It can be done at any location you choose on a certain day in a given set of days, in this case from April 14th to April 16th 2017.

You can walk, run, hop or roll on a treadmill, outside or at another race/event if you would like. You can get friends and family to join you but most of all it is something that can be done at your own pace and when it fits into your schedule.

Want to get free registration? This year we are offering free registration to anyone who collects $30 in donations!. Step up to the challenge by downloading our sponsorship form here!

Whether you are near or far, your participation brings a voice to Transverse Myelitis in Canada. Visit our event page to get all the details. Share our event flyer to help spread the word, you can also register/donate today by clicking the “Buy Now” link or by mailing any contributions to:

The Canadian Transverse Myelitis Association

‘Bare your Soles – Virtual Race’
263 Malcolm Circle
Dorval, QC
H9S 1T6

Or help us bring a voice to this amazing event through media at:

Welcome to CTMA

The CTMA was created to support and create a networking infrastructure and public awareness public awareness of the rare neuroimmunologic disorders of the central nervous system.

The Canadian Transverse Myelitis Association (CTMA) was incorporated on July 12, 2010 as an organization dedicated to advocate and support those who have these rare neuroimmunologic diseases…

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