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Soaring Beyond Grant Application

The Canadian Transverse Myelitis Association believes in investing toward helping those who have been diagnosed with rare neuroimmunological disease become more active. We believe that helping those with TM become more active helps improve overall independence and reduce barriers, so that everyone has the chance to fully participate in all aspects of their community.

Through our Soaring Beyond Grant, we will provide individuals with funds to help them increase their accessibility at home and in the community, and to support them becoming more active and mobile. These monies may be used for orthopedic equipment, or therapies that will help the applicant become more active.


How grants are allocated

Applications are reviewed weekly by an appointed member of the Canadian Transverse Myelitis Association. Grants will be allocated according to our guidelines and available funding at the time of the request.


How to apply

For a copy of the application, please send an email to .

Complete the relevant application form and submit it to:

Canadian Transverse Myelitis Association by email to:
or by mail to:
Canadian Transverse Myelitis Association
263 Malcolm Circle
Dorval, Qc
H9S 1T6

**please send copies as any and all documents that are submitted will not be returned

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