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How to Get Involved

How YOU can get involved

All of our fund raising events are designed and created with an element of awareness in mind. The Canadian Transverse Myelitis Association is always looking for opportunities to bring resources, knowledge and general awareness to the Canadian public. Although we always do our best to create events on our own, The CTMA are always looking for volunteers to organize fund raisers across Canada to help create awareness.

Here are some ideas of fund raisers you could organize in your own community with the help of friends and family:

  • Organize a run/walk with donations towards the association or join one that is already organized in your community and ask for sponsors.
  • Pub crawls
  • Auction
  • Bake Sales! (If you can’t get a location or have the time to organize something, why not bring the baked goods to your friends and office and sell them directly there! )
  • Donate your goods and services to the Association for sale
  • Bingo/Trivia/Games night
  • Concert (Bands/Performers)
  • Comedy night at a local venue
  • Sell raffle tickets to win a great prize (Get alocal business sto donate the prize)
  • Birthday parties, weddings-ask attendees for donations in lieu of gifts
  • Garage Sales
  • Penny or Loony drives
  • Car Wash
  • Bike-a thon or spin-a-thon at a local gym


There are many more ideas but we couldn’t list them all. Contact the Canadian Transverse Myelitis Association at if you are interested in organizing a fund raiser as we would love to help you succeed any way we can.

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