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Super Hero Contest


We know the strength each of you has demonstrated in your life, living with TM, ADEM, NMO or Optic Neuritis, and we want to show it to the world. The CTMA is holding a contest where we want to see you as your best superhero! So, throw on a cape and tell us your story!

CTMA super hero contest


Contest guidelines:

Who: Adults and children (anyone <18yrs) who have been diagnosed with TM,ADEM,NMO or Optic neuritis.

What: What: We want a picture of you showing us you, as the superhero in your battle with your disease. (wear a superhero costume, make your own, or just show us your everyday superhero look!)

How to enter: All submissions must be sent to Please submit a picture* and a paragraph explaining what you have done to be a how you a superhero in your fight.

Details: There will be two separate winners announced-one for the adult category and one for the children’s category
Deadline for submissions is March 1st and the winner will be announced April 1st.

Prizes: Prizes will be determined at a later date and will depend on the age, needs and location of the winners.

*Please note that your submission may posted on the Canadian Transverse Myelitis Association website and facebook page

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