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The CTMA was created to support and create a networking infrastructure and public awareness public awareness of the rare neuroimmunologic disorders of the central nervous system. The Canadian Transverse Myelitis Association (CTMA) was incorporated on July 12, 2010 as an organization dedicated to advocate and support those who have these rare neuroimmunologic diseases.

Running for Mila  -  May 7 2023 8:30 am

Kimberley and Mila will be participating in the BougeBouge Festival & Ile Perrot half marathon together. The monies raised will help pay for Mila's Ora Levity Device and for specialized physical therapy so that can regain her ability to walk again after being diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. 

The Ora Levity Smart Device provides partial weight support during physical rehabilitation for children with walking disorders like Mila’s. This weight support technology can be adjusted based on the Mila's progress to maximize the effectiveness of her gait training. In addition, the device does not have armrests which encourages Mila to place more weight on her legs, strengthening her muscles. By having her hands free, Mila can better interact with her environment. Using the Levity has been very beneficial for Mila as she has been using the device for a few months and there have been marked improvements in her walking pattern and distance.


Spinal Injury Research Centre

The Blusson Spinal Cord Centre is a unique facility dedicated to advancing world-leading integrated research and care for people with spinal cord injury.
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Where your money goes

The goal of this trust is to help families who cannot afford the necessary items that their child may need as a result of Transverse Myelitis
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Support those living with TM

Bring awareness and support to those who live with Transverse Myelitis by purchasing and wearing these bands and help us in Shining the light. $2 or 3 for $5 plus shipping.
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Running for Mila
May 7 2023 8:30 am

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