Disability Tax Credits - What Every TMer Should Know

Many Transverse Myelitis patients with disabilities are unaware of The Disability Tax Credit offered by both The Federal and Quebec government.

Many Transverse Myelitis patients with disabilities cannot perform certain daily tasks and must pay for individuals and special equipment to aide with these tasks. There are also costs incurred by the need for special equipment and installations in the home that are required to help manage day to day living. This is why the Disability Tax Credit is offered by the Government to help defray these costs.

The disability tax credit can represent up to a maximum of $1,400.00 when filing income taxes depending on the person’s financial situation. A Transverse Myelitis patient can still be approved for the disability tax credit even if they have been refused a disability pension and this approval is based on the level of difficulty experienced in day to day functions such as: walking, dressing, feeding, vision problems, hearing, bowel and/or bladder problems. Difficulty with any one of these can qualify a Transverse Myelitis patient for the Disability Tax Credit.

This tax credit; once accepted is permanent and the benefactor never has to apply again. It is theirs for life. A retroactive request for the Disability Tax Credit can go back as far as ten taxation years.

The individual must have their doctor complete the government form which takes about 10 minutes and there is a questionnaire for the patient to complete as well describing the nature of the disability and level of difficulty in which certain tasks are performed. It is a relatively simple procedure and many Transverse Myelitis patients may not realize that they are eligible for this benefit.